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65 reviews
  • Elaine·

    Monique identified and helped eradicate a blockage. I feel so much lighter and more energetic.

  • Sheldon·

    My first session was eye-opening. Thank you for helping me unlock some barriers and give me reassurance.

  • Elaine·

    Working with Monique on a new venture is like having a booster rocket to propel you toward your goal with thoroughness, kindness and compassion.

  • Elaine·

    Another FABULOUS, vision-clarifying, energy amplifying session guided by Monique. Thank you Monique for your generosity of spirit, guidance, keen discernment and wit.

  • Lizzie·

    No surprises! The care that Monique takes to check in (even on a Sunday morning!) with each step of the build-out ensures we feel aligned, on the same page, and moving in the right direction.
    It is so exciting to see it evolve and with the powerful step of tuning into the energy of each decision, it takes the guesswork and doubt away.
    This experience is more than a "business accelerator" in that it can shift how you look at, approach, and respond to everything!!!

  • lizzie·

    The Foundation module is aptly named.
    The deep dive that is necessary to develop aligned values, vision and mission is at the core of all that will be built. Monique's ability to empower you to create your voice and statements while guiding you with a direct and steady hand is at the heart of this program and what makes it absolutely worth matter how difficult it gets!!!

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